50 years in shoemaking

Specialisation in women’s shoes

woman shoes, női cipőfelsőrész Women’s shoes upper sections require more refined custom tools, but we have exactly those.

Maximum capacity utilisation

cipőfelsőrész gyártás, nagy kapacitás Producing 5-10 thousand women’s shoes upper sections in our plant. Have a look! read more >>

Flexible adaptation to the requirements

rugalmasan, cipőfelsőrész üzlet This is exactly how we survived the difficult decades, when others gave up. Read how! read more >>

Bisnode tanusitvany

We are proud of these, too!

When doing business with Bisnode-certified companies, the risk is low. The certification is based on the Bisnode qualification system with 100 years of experience, taking into account several hundred variables. The certification indicates the current status and is updated daily. This great certification is one thing we are proud of. We think it’s important because it represents high prestige and is renowned internationally.


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